The lay of the land

Your landscape has the potential of enhancing your homes curb appeal, increasing your home's value, and raising your quality of life. JMJ Contracting can make the important spaces outside of your home comfortable, relaxing and beautiful. A successful landscape should be engaging to all of your senses. Colors, textures, sounds and aromas should make both your passive and active outdoor experiences stimulating and refreshing.

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Proven process
Our process starts with a simple site visit, evaluation and client interview.  It is important for us to understand the specific context of your project and your wants, needs, concerns and budget.  Every project has it's own unique and individual challenges and we have learned how to balance these forces and produce winning solutions. 

Information is power
Subsequent to our initial site visit and interview we will sketch out a thoughtful solution to your project.  More importantly we will outline a detailed scope of work and for your project including pricing to do the work as specified.  This puts you in the driver's seat to make modifications and decisions.  So many of our customers have expressed a high appreciation for getting to plans and prices quickly.